TSC Expansion

Tigoni Study Centre is a conference centre that has been in operation since 1970. Apart from being used for seminars, the conference centre provides training facilities to students from Kimlea Technical Training Centre, whose aim is to at help both women and girls to improve their standard of living by providing them with the necessary skills to be able to start a small business or be employed.

Tigoni Study Centre and its past extensions have been built with the generous support of many donors from East Africa.
The Centre relies on people’s generosity for its ongoing capital projects which include:

  1. Ancillary ground floor rooms at Tigoni Study Centre to cater for the physically challenged and increase its capacity.
  2. Conference and activity rooms adjacent to the new dining room and chapel of Tigoni House.
  3. Additional and improved sports facilities such as a multi-purpose court, proper tennis court, etc.

The need to keep on expanding the facilities is great due to the fact that there is more and more demand for self-contained rooms and for a bigger number of rooms.

Phase One

The first project of extensions, to be built in 2013, consists of 2 self-contained rooms for the physically challenged, a new director’s bedroom and office next to the entrance, a new entrance lobby and visitors room, an extra self-contained bedroom and provision for a future elevator.

TSC extensions

Floor plan of TSC additional rooms

Your generosity in contributing to Tigoni is very much appreciated. Your donation will ensure that many people, including future generations, will benefit from this facility.